THMA signs MOU with Kunsan National University and the Korea Electric Association

On 16 July

News Release from Korea (Edited by Mary Green)
(DG NetKorea = reporter Park Young‐min)

The UK’s advanced technology leading the global marine wind market has opened a way to utilise it to establish a specialised research centre for
offshore wind power in Korea.

Korea Electric Power Association (President Kim Jong‐gap) and Kunsan National University (President Kwak, Byung‐sun) announced on 16th (Sunday) that they have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the British offshore wind power organisation THMA and ORE Catapult.

The institute is in the process of conducting on‐shore wind power supply network, port harbour research activities, and surveying the status of education
and training.

Through this MOU, each institution will jointly conduct technical seminars on offshore wind power and international research activities, and exchange information on offshore wind technology and training.

The institute has decided to maintain a cooperative relationship by sharing knowledge on training information and education contents, as well as advising on future centre operations, in establishing a specialised research centre for offshore wind power.

Kim Dong‐soo, vice chairman of the Electrical Society of Korea, said, “We plan to utilise this MOU to establish Korea’s offshore wind power research centre through continuous mutual exchange with the occasion of the MOU.” ” We are also looking forward to gradual development of technology. ”

Lee Jang‐ho, head of the Korea Maritime Wind Energy Research Institute, said, “This MOU is a part of the overseas cooperation network and exchange activities to build the test and research infrastructure based on the offshore wind power demonstration in Korea and accelerate O & M manpower training and technology development. “He said. According to the recent World Wind Energy Council (GWEC), the UK developed a 8.1‐gigawatt (GW) offshore wind farm last year. This represents 35% of the world’s 23 GW installed offshore wind power. The UK plans to expand its capacity to 30 GW by 2030.

By:  Park Youngmin (