Sylvia – The birth of a boat!

Many people build a boat in their garden and some make the mistake of not being able to get it out!  This is not the case for Phil Glover of the Humber LEP as this boat has its birth at the bottom of the garden. So why. Phil takes up the story. ” I have had a long time interest with the coast and sailing so when my wife said I would like a deck at the bottom of the garden to catch the evening sun the plan was hatched – well she never said it couldn’t be attached to a boat did she!

The opportunity to acquire a derelict yacht before it was broken up provided the incentive. The bow of a boat is always difficult to fabricate so I cut along the plimsole line and then cut away the superstructure to leave me with the bow and two sides. The rest of the boat was fabricated from the ground up. The craft which as named after my friend’s late mum sits in its own birth surrounded by water. The deck is sprung using old car springs to create that floating feeling. She is modelled on a Fisher Potter 25 and is built to scale complete with bilge pump, working radar, radios, instruments full lighting and is complete with sound effects. I wanted to create that sailing experience so it meant focusing on the detail even down to having lighting at the other side of the garden which gives the impression other ships in the distance.”

Sylvia as she is known adds to Phil’s garden constructions which includes a Tiki Hut with heater and projection screen, a Caribbean Bar and board walk to a boat house. “We are now in the position for us to get on the boat, take in a glass of champagne and then before you know it we have arrived at the Caribbean Bar” Now that’s our idea of plain sailing!