NovaVis announces technology collaboration agreement with The United Kingdom’s Team Humber Marine Alliance (THMA)


Norfolk, Va. – 21 January 2016 – NovaVis, LLC ( is pleased to announce a technology collaboration agreement has been entered into with The United Kingdom’s Team Humber Marine Alliance (THMA). ( )

NovaVis, the Virginia Offshore Wind Coalition (VOW) ( and THMA have agreed to use the NovaVis supply chain technology in order to build the Trans-Atlantic Bridge. The “bridge” consists of a singular hub of collaboration and exchange among U.K. and U.S. entities. Industry sectors will be able to enjoy next generation technology coordination and collaboration in areas with the ability to formalize partnering arrangements, share information and the creation of project management planning.

“”Building a cost effective Offshore Renewable Industry requires a collaborative approach from government agencies, developers, operators, port authorities, academics and manufacturers. NovaVis provides a platform to accelerate this process building an ecosystem including participants from key thought leaders to those who want to be part of the burgeoning supply chain”, says  Mark O’Reilly CEO & Chairman, Team Humber Marine Alliance.

“This agreement with THMA sets up a further broad collaboration with European expertise that will be essential for the United States in this new industry. THMA’ s supply chain capabilities in commercial shipping, marine engineering, support vessels, specialist in health & safety and ports & logistics is essential and valuable to the Trans-Atlantic Bridge project and we look forward to our coordination with THMA in playing a key role for offshore wind projects in the U.S. ” says NovaVis Executive Director, Mr. Charles Decuir.

NovaVis is a next generation technology platform, which has a focus on global Supply Chain economies and logistics. The NovaVis platform is a live Supply Chain Ecosystem connecting the various suppliers and developers in a constantly engaging and an ever evolving framework. NovaVis has developed a technology platform for identifying the vendors for offshore wind in order to provide a coordinated approach in capturing risk mitigation and cost reduction by virtue of a consolidated approach.


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