Message from Andrew Oliver – Director of THMA

.  As lockdown eases we are moving into the recovery phase and Mary very recently circulated a recovery plan submitted by Maritime UK to the Secretary of State for Transport.  In our own small way I am pleased to report that THMA members contributed to this via a survey some of you returned to us and the input of Mark O’Reilly and myself as members of the Maritime UK Regional Council.  THMA is recognised as a Regional Cluster by UK Government and this gives us considerable input and leverage in respect of what happens in our region.  Most importantly it gives you as members a through route straight into the heart of government and decision making. If there are issues you want THMA to raise at Maritime UK regional meetings then please channel them through the office and I will ensure they are raised.

As you will have seen the directors and advisory board have taken the view we should re-schedule OWC to 20/21 April next year.  This was debated with the Advisory Board, and the directors thank them for their input.  The Advisory Board is very keen to ensure THMA’s activities and direction reflect your needs and aims.  We will be taking a more formal survey of those requirements shortly, but in the meantime it is your organisation so please do not hesitate to contact me or any of the other directors, or Mary, and pass on your thoughts and ideas as THMA is your organisation.


With best wishes,


Andrew Oliver