JHL (Joliffe Hepburn Limited)

JHL(Jolliffe Hepburn Ltd.) have won an order to supply the BP Shah Deniz project.Around $28 billion in capital investment will be required to produce the gas and transport it to the Georgia-Turkey border. From there, additional pipeline systems will deliver 6 bcma of gas to Turkey and a further 10 bcma of gas to markets in Europe, in a route known as the Southern Gas Corridor. Shah Deniz gas will travel 3,500 kilometres, to elevations of over 2,500 metres, and over 800 metres below the sea. Shah Deniz Stage 2, one of the largest gas developments in the world, will help increase European energy security by bringing Caspian gas resources to markets in Europe for the very first time.

JHL have recently refurbished their website and are extremely pleased to launch www.j-hl.co.uk