Human Temperature Screening Using AI Technology

LCS Group helps its customers with a solution to reassure their workforce.

Grimsby headquartered technology outsourcing company, LCS Group have developed an autonomous thermal screening solution to check for abnormal temperatures and help keep indoor workers safe. This was in response to a number customers seeking their advice about utilising these types of devices in the workplace.

After extensive analysis of this technology and exhaustive market research LCS partnered with £4.6 billion Hikvision, global leaders in the manufacture and distribution of business security, CCTV and access control systems.

Glenn Thow CEO of LCS said, it became obvious really quickly that a lot of technology not fit for purpose was being promoted by companies simply wishing to capitalise on a bad situation, in fact a few of our customers had indeed already purchased devices that were totally useless for human temperature screening.

He said if customers want to utilise this technology then it needs to be accurate to within 0.5 degree C or lower, needs to be autonomous to preserve social distancing, include dynamic alerting and audit trail logging of all scans. But most importantly we wanted to be totally transparent about what this technology is, but also what it isn’t, allowing consumers to make informed decisions about how it may add value to their own specific situations, he added.

Following recent Government advice that people should work from home where possible for potentially another 6 months, what can be done for cases where that is simply not an option? If employees are required to work from the office, how can business owners ensure additional measures of protection and reassurance?

Whilst a raised temperature is a very common symptom of COVID-19, not all infected people actually show an elevated temperature. That’s why LCS Group openly advise their solution should not be relied upon as a definitive diagnosis of coronavirus.

On their own, in the words of the World Health Organisation, these temperature screening devices “may not be very effective”. That is because they are just one tool of many used to help detect symptoms associated with COVID-19. However, there are no real negatives to having one of these devices as an additional layer of security providing all other official guidelines are followed and there is absolutely no denying that they can detect fever symptoms in some cases that would otherwise go unnoticed.

With the LCS Vital solution in particular, the device can also be set up in face-mask detection mode, which is perfect for unmanned, autonomous face-mask wearing enforcement. Chris Upcraft LCS Technical Director said all things considered, let’s not forget the Vital solution is truly much more than temperature screening. The unit can be a permanent fixture for years to come in many business settings utilising facial recognition / swipe card / password door access control and/or built-in time & attendance monitoring. In the food sector especially, the ability to detect fever of any kind before entering a food processing factory is invaluable.

We have deployed the solution within our own business and staff definitely feel more reassured about having the additional measure in place above and beyond all of our other protections systems and policies, he added.

For further information about the LCS Vital solution and links to official guidance from Government and the WHO, visit