A ‘Wash’ with Colour

Dr Steve Taylor (right) presents an unusual artwork to Steven Williamson (left), Managing Director of Lynn Shellfish, King’s Lynn – following the successful outcome of a legal case relating to fishing rights in the Wash on the UK’s East Coast.

Steve Taylor, whose company Geomatix Ltd specializes in tidal prediction and hydrography said “The case hinged on the tides and the contours of the sandbanks¬† and how they had both changed with time – it involved a lot of detailed chart-work with some maps dating back hundreds of years.

I became involved when Andrew Oliver of Andrew-Jackson Solicitors (Hull) asked me to act as expert witness for their clients, Lynn Shellfish on this most unusual case.

Following our success in the courts, I took a break from tidal-hydrography and created this artwork from the Wash seabed survey data –¬† it shows the depth contours of the Wash coloured in an unusual way, providing an immersive rainbow-like effect.

It gives me great pleasure to present this picture “A Wash with Colour” to Steven Williamson of Lynn Shellfish.

It was a pleasure working with him.”

Dr. Steve Taylor MinstP. MIEEE. AFRIN

Geomatix Ltd, Barrow-upon Humber