Letter from the THMA Chairman – Andrew Oliver

Welcome to the THMA newsletter. The last few months have seen some restructuring within THMA. I am very pleased to announce the appointment of Camilla Carlbom as Chair of the Advisory Board and also as a director of THMA. Camilla’s deep knowledge of the maritime world on the Humber and her infectious enthusiasm for all things THMA make her participation a huge boost for us. The Skills and Training Sub-committee, with Iain Elliot of HETA now at the helm is making huge strides to assist in supplying the skilled workers we will need as the Humber moves forward.

As I write this letter we await the Prime Minister’s announcement regarding carbon objective.  We expect to see commitments on a clean and carbon reduced shipping industry, a further commitment to wind energy, and also potentially hydrogen. All of these would be good news for the Humber and our members.  THMA is increasingly been asked to participate in discussions in the USA regarding renewable energy, and the new administration under Biden is likely to increase this demand.  The time has come for us to realise we can now export the knowledge we have gained over the last 10 plus years, as the Humber is now a world exemplar for what can be achieved.  A number of members are already well engaged in business ventures in the USA and the Far East.

As we weather a further lockdown can I just remind you that we are still open and here to help you in any way we can. Myself and the rest of the directors look forward to working with you going forward.



Andrew Oliver

Chairman THMA